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Turn your classroom into a digital marketplace

A real-time trading game designed for teaching economics.

Enjoyed by thousands of students world-wide!

Made for education

Students buy and sell emoji on a simple, real-time trading platform, designed solely for education. Can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet, or computer; in-person or remotely.

Bite-sized activities

Choose from a range of pre-configured 10-30 minute activities with their own objectives and rules, each designed to teach a single topic. Each activity includes a set of dynamic slides with live results and a debrief of the session.

Fun and engaging

Engage students with familiar social and game elements such as news feeds, customizable avatars, tradeable emoji, reward points, and leaderboards.

Advanced capabilities
coming soon

Incorporate manufacturing of goods, private trades, teams, labour markets, auctions, and other financial instruments into activities.

News feed
Manufacturing items
Profile customization

Bring Economics concepts to life.

Set up your first classroom game session in minutes.

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